• What are the side effects? 

    If you leave your cell phone on the charger after it’s fully charged what happens? Essentially nothing; the battery doesn’t accept what it doesn’t need. But as with exercise, there can be some residual soreness with PEMF if the application was too long or too strong.

  • Is it safe to use? Absolutely! This therapy is non invasive, drug free, no sedation required and has no negative side effects.  

  • Will my horse feel any pain during the treatment? 

    No! They will feel a gentle pulsing or tapping. PEMF reduces anxiety and promotes relaxation.  

  • I need evidence. Is there research behind the use of pulsed electromagnetic fields? 

    Yes! 30 years of solid research. There are over 10,000 published medical studies on the benefits of PEMF on humans that can also be applied to the animal world. There are several FDA approvals and NASA did a 4-year study on PEMF to stimulate growth and repair in mammalian tissues.

  • When will the results of the PEMF session be seen or felt?  

    Results are usually immediate. As the blood is oxygenated and the circulation is increased, improvement will continue for up to 72 hours.

  • How many sessions are recommended? 

    3 sessions within 1-2 weeks is recommended for maximum benefits.

  • How does a PEMF device detect and show areas of sensitivity? 

    Muscle tissue pulses or twitches in sore or damaged areas because of cellular membrane movement.

  • Why do a session on the whole body when the problem is in one area?  PEMF creates a systemic response like “Fine-tuning” or “Turbo-Charging” the WHOLE body, because of this, many issues, not just the targeted ones, also experience improvement. By increasing the blood oxygen in the whole body, the sensitive area continues to be helped as super oxygenated blood from the rest of the body continues to flow through the area, for up to 72 hours.

  • How long will the results last?   

    Results can last anywhere from a day to weeks or permanently, depending on the issue and its severity. Many ailments can be relieved with 1-3 sessions.

  • Can PEMF treatments be done right at the show or event?  

    Yes! A horse can be ridden immediately before or after a PEMF treatment. PEMF helps horses to loosen up and relax at a show, relieves their painful symptoms & stiffness and helps them recover faster.