“I own an older gelding who has had a questionable past; which has left him introverted and physically tense through his whole body and more dramatically so in the left front shoulder. I have had to do a lot of rehabilitation to his feet and a substantial amount of bodywork over the past year to help put him back together. I was recommended a PEMF session to help ease his tension now that his feet and skeleton are put right, so I thought I would give it a try. I went in to the treatment with no expectations, but my horse loved it. He was stretching and yawning the entire time. I did not see any noticeable change when I lunged him a bit after the treatment, but the next day there was a very noticeable change in the fluidity of his movements and when I rode him he had a much easier time turning both his shoulders. He continued to improve over the next two days and at the end of three days he came out of the stall relaxed and ready to work. I am very happy with the results and I am looking forward to seeing what the results will be with another treatment.”

"This therapy is worth it's weight in gold!!! I rode this gelding after his treatment, what a dream!!! He has never been so soft, so calm, so responsive!!!! Robyn you truly work magic!!!"

"We have the privilege of having Robyn work on several of our training horses here at Jim Greendyk Performance Horses. From finished reiners to our young colts, PEMF Therapy has made a huge impact on how our horses who come out to work every day. I’ve had first-hand experience with Robyns’ magical system. A couple of weeks ago she worked on my little mare (Lilcoronaatsunset) aka. Stella who, from the beginning has had her strong spots and her not so strong spots. Although I could never find a solution to the problem, Robyn has made it possible for those things to be fixed, in record timing too:) The most important aspect to me was the fact that PEMF cuts the healing time in half for bone splints, and because Stella has struggled with this problem, this therapy has come extra handy for our program. Thanks to Robyn Strasdine, our older and younger horses’ durability has increased due to the relief of stress neurologically, psychologically, and most importantly, physically!"

"Robyn has worked on two of our horses, with very positive results. One mare was exhibiting signs of tension in the poll, as well as tenderness in the hocks. During the treatment, she relaxed and her whole body seemed to loosen up. A big improvement, and a good experience for the horse. The other mare has been rehabbing from a splint bone injury. Robyn’s treatments are helping her regain suppleness in the injured leg, as well as the rest of her body, as she has been on stall rest/ minimal exercise for several months. Robyn is excellent to work with. I recommend her services."

“I have 2 horses that have benefited from PEMF treatment.   My 13 year old mare had an accident 2 years ago that has left her with a weak right hind end, she is not lame, but after a short working session wants to quit and is stiff on her downward transitions.  After 2 treatments she was much stronger on her hind end and offered to keep working longer, her downward transitions were much smoother as well.   As a Therapeutic Riding Coach, keeping her comfortable and sound is a high priority so that she can continue to do her job.    My 6 year old gelding loves his treatments and will even stand with his nose on my mare while she gets her treatments (trying to get in on her treatments as well as his own).   He has just gone back into training for a couple of months and my coach has commented that he has never felt as strong as this year.   Robyn has been so helpful and wonderful to work with, I highly recommend giving her a call or message to book a session.  Thanks for introducing me and my horses to this wonderful product.” Donna Stiles CanTRA II Instructor

“Thanks Robyn and BC Pulse Therapy for looking after our horses consistently.

My horses have never felt so soft and pliable and relaxed as after they get their sessions with you. The change is something I've never felt before in 15 years of professional horse training.”

"So I was skeptical to say the least. I mean I’ve seen how Pulse Therapy works on the horses in the Barn but humans?? After being diagnosed with a torn ligament in my knee and hobbling around in pain, I figured why not!! I have had 3 treatments and the improvement has been phenomenal. I can walk normally, the pain is almost gone and my hips don’t hurt from walking incorrectly. My husband was so impressed he agreed to try it for his arthritic feet. There’s more to this story....Thanks Robyn for all your care."

"My horse Roy is a 4yr old off track tb that was struggling to bend, did not want to move forward, was getting grumpy. We concluded it was saddle fit and I wanted to help fix his body before moving forward. He was sore through his shoulders, his hind end. So I decided to try a pemf session. Since having a PEMF session along with switching saddles he’s become so much looser and in general is back to being his happy go lucky self! Any soreness he did have seemed to be relieved right after the session and only continued to get better over the next few days! I would highly suggest trying this if you’ve run into soreness with your horse!"

"Pulse therapy was fantastic for my mare. she was a little sore in her front and back. Only did one treatment and it made all the world of difference! I highly recommend Robyn. My girl is back to her normal and feeling so good. Thanks Robyn."